Interactive Video Plugin for WordPress

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Add multimedia content to your Wordpress posts


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If for whatever reason you don't want to use services like YouTube or Goear to store your video or audio files, Interactive Video Plugin is an complement for WordPress that allows you to add multimedia content to any post published through that content manager.

Follow the steps described in the readme.txt file to install Interactive Video Plugin. After activating it, you'll be able to upload your multimedia files to the blog in one of two different ways: by physically storing them on your own server and publishing a link in the post, or by using the option, 'Add Interactive Video', which will store your resources on Kaltura.com.

The main advantage of using the second option is that it opens up the possibility to use an online video editor that will help you combine various video clips into one, and apply transitions and effects. Other resources that you can add from this option are the following: webcam shots and video from YouTube, MySpace, and Kaltura.